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5 Easy Ways to Deal with Your Crazy Appetite

Minggu, 24 Januari 2021 - 23:25
5 Easy Ways to Deal with Your Crazy Appetite Illustration: Eating like crazy. (PHOTO: halodoc)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTADealing with crazy appetite could be somehow stressful.  But there is nothing better than to do this to help you lose your weights and help you get a smaller chance to get severe diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular. 

These are easy natural ways to help you lose your appetite. Check them out.

1. Hydrate with water

Water takes up space. Since the body is primarily composed of water, it craves water on a routine basis. Whether water is an appetite suppressant or not, it is a vital substance for the body and it contains zero calories.

2. Control your stress

Some people will crave for some food while they were stressed.  What worse is that they normally have junk food at this time to comfort them. This habit will become a boomerang especially when you try to lose your weight.

3. Eat on time

Having a scheduled time for your breakfast, lunch and dinner could help you feel satisfied longer. This will make you away for craving some snack or meals.

4. Have more fiber

Fiber is a non-digestible complex carbohydrate that makes you feel full while consuming few calories. Fiber foods like oatmeal are excellent for diets because not only do they help you decrease your appetite they also provide sustained energy by regulating the release of insulin and blood sugar.

5. Enjoying your food

Enjoying your food and slowly eat it could help your digestion give a respon to your brain that your stomach are full. So it will help you to stop eating before you full enough. This will help you deal with your appetite. (*)


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