Delays, Saudi Arabia Airlines Apologize to Indonesian Pilgrims

Jumat, 26 Mei 2023 - 21:08
Delays, Saudi Arabia Airlines Apologize to Indonesian Pilgrims Ajam Mustajam, the Head of Ministry of Religious Affair Department for West Java during the press conference. (Photo: MCH 2023)

TIMES MALANG, MADINAH – The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia expressed their disappointment over the negligence committed by Saudi Airlines during the delay of Indonesian pilgrims' flights. This accident happened on Thursday (25/5/2023).

During the incident, pilgrims from group 4 of the Jakarta Bekasi (JKS) embarkation point claimed that they did not receive compensation such as snacks, drinks, and meals. "We deeply regret this situation," said Ajam Mustajam, the Head of the West Java Ministry of Religious Affairs, on Friday, May 26, 2023.

Furthermore, he also stated that there was no further talk between Saudi Airlines and the embarkation authorities at that time. "We learned about it later and immediately lodged a complaint," he added. 

The Saudi Arabia Airlines Sent Their Apology Letter to the Pilgrims

"We have received an apology letter, but we hope that Saudi Airlines not only apologizes. Compensation must be provided to the pilgrims. We do not want such incidents to happen again," he explained.

Ajam explained that according to Article 146 of the Aviation Law, airlines are responsible for the losses incurred by passengers in case of flight delays, except if the delay is caused by weather conditions or operational technical issues.

"Including among the airline's responsibilities is providing snacks, meals, and even compensation amounting to IDR 300,000 if the delay exceeds 240 minutes," explained Ajam.

The Jakarta Bekasi embarkation said that Indonesian Hajj Organizing Officials (PPIH)  has received an apology letter from Saudi Airlines. The apology was conveyed through a written letter addressed to the PPIH Embarkation Bekasi from the Operational Manager of PT Ayuberga GSIA Saudi Airlines, Riyan Abdul Fahmi.

The Apology Letter to the Pilgrims

"In response to the news about the condition of the pilgrims who experienced hunger upon arrival in Madinah, I, Riyan Abdul Fahmi, acted inappropriately by being unresponsive in providing meals due to the flight delay that occurred with group JKS-04," Riyan wrote in her apology letter.

"This situation caused the pilgrims on May 25, 2023, to experience hunger in the Holy Land. I take responsibility for my actions that have harmed the pilgrims. I apologize for the conditions that have caused losses to the pilgrims on May 25, 2023," he expanded.

Previously, complaints from pilgrims belonging to group JKS-04, who experienced hunger due to flight delays, went viral on social media. It went viral within the few hours after someone posted it. 

Ajam Mustajam, the Head of the West Java Ministry of Religious Affairs, stated that the JKS-04 group should have departed at 09:20 AM Western Indonesia Time. However, in reality, the pilgrims were only sent to the airport at 02:28 PM Western Indonesia Time. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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